Travelling to Leh Ladakh? We have a List of things you should do in Leh Ladakh.


Leh and Ladakh are paradises on earth; they have everything you need to refresh your senses from the mesmerizing scenic beauty to the majestic snow laden Himalayan range and from the lush green landscape to sparkling blue waters and deep gorges.
If you are planning to give a visit to this paradise, we have a list of what you should do:

Places to visit:



1. Festivals:


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Heavily influenced by Buddhist and Tibetan culture, Leh and Ladakh have an abundance of monastic festivals. There are many festivals that feature similar types of celebrations. These festivals tend to revolve around the celebration of life and few rituals to beat off evil and to draw peace; every festival holds a profound and rich history of their loved ones, often held in memory of the great Monks who found their monastery. You should plan your trip according to the festival dates if you are willing to attend them. Some names of the festivals celebrated here are Hemis Festival, Dosmochey festival, Matho Nagrang Festival, the festival of Stok Guru Tsechu, Ladakh Festival, Yuru Kabgyat, Phyang Tsedup celebrations and the Losar festival. Every festival has its own story and it’s a delight to watch and celebrate their festivals.



2. Magnetic hills:


Magnetic Hills Ladakh
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Can you imagine a hill that can pull your vehicle uphill? The gravity hill is alleged to have magnetic properties which are so strong that it can pull cars uphill. The aircraft passing through increase their altitude to avoid the magnetic interference. In reality, the effect is an optical illusion created by the gravity hill.



3. Tso Pangong Lake:


Tso Pangong Lake
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Remember the gorgeous lake you saw in 3 idiots. It is a destination you should visit at least once in a lifetime. Tso Pangong Lake is known for its crystal clear blue-blackish water which keeps playing tricks with your eyes. It changes colors in seven distinct shades of blue, green, purple, turquoise and violet depending on the angle of your view.



4. Nubra Valley:


Nubra Valley
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Where there is a lot of pollution in the world, it is a challenge to find places away from the city and glow to explore the night sky. Nubra Valley is exactly one of the places where there is infinite beauty and divine. You can feel the isolated beauty, the silence and gaze at the Milky Way at night.



5. Hemis Wildlife Sanctuary:


Hemis Wildlife Sanctuar
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This sanctuary is spread out over 600 square kilometers. This national park offers an ample treasure of nature as it has mountains of various shapes and sizes, mixed with flatlands, deserts and bordered by the fast flowing river Indus. Hemis holds much of the catchments of the Zanskar River, from its confluence with the Markha river to its meeting with the Indus. The National Park is best known for its population of the rare Snow Leopards and the ibex.  The other species you can find in this National Park are Palla’s cat, Crapo, Bharal, Red Fox, Rhesus Macaque, Wolf, Marmot, Tibetan argali and Ladakh urial, etc.



6. Monasteries:


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Buddhism is followed by a major percentage of the population here. There are many monasteries in Ladakh; some are wrecked while some of them are still colonized, running as educational and religious centers. There is no doubt in the fact that these gompas are a 9cultural and architectural delight. Some of these monasteries are Hemis, Spituk, Stok, Shey, Diskit, Thiksey and Lamayuru, which is said to be the largest and oldest gompas in Ladakh.



Adventure Sports:


Adventure Sports
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Leh and Ladakh is an ideal destination for adventure maniacs. This place offers adventure sports like trekking and mountaineering in the Himalayas; white water rafting on Mountain Rivers. Traditional sports like polo and archery and Bactrian camel safari across the countryside’s done here. A tour to Leh Ladakh is surely to make a thrill seeker happier with lots of options to choose amongst the adventure sports.



Roads :


1. Khardung La:


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Khardung La is said to be the highest motorable pass in the whole world, and Khardung La reaches a height of around 5602 m. The road looks scary for the invincible level, but the zealous souls often dare to take the challenge of a motorbike ride in this pass. The path is stretched from Leh to Kashgar in Central Asia.



2.Baralacha Pass:


Baralacha La
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Enjoy the drive on the road which is counted amongst one of the highest motorable roads in the world. Road quality is excellent. It is an absolute paradise for nature lovers and photographers. It is a tough pass, rough drive and is at the height of 4,890 m. Also, don’t forget to see the lake right after the pass.





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If you are planning to visit Leh-Ladakh soon, then don’t forget to try multi cuisine food that is served here. Indian, Tibetan, Chinese and even Korean, the cuisine here exhibits tints of these foreign influences. You must try out the local dishes like Thukpa, noodle soup; Tsampa is a heavy pasta dish mixed with the veggies and the very famous and delicious Momos which are steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables or meat are the delights you should taste here.

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