Things you should carry to travel in monsoon.

I believe the world is a better place when it’s raining; the grass is greener; the wind is cooler, and travelling is, even more, stirring. If you are someone who travels more likely when it rains heavily, then we have got a perfect list of essentials for you:


1). Rain gears:


Rain gears
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If it isn’t raining that doesn’t mean it won’t! Always carry rain gears to be on the safer side. Avoid getting drenched and getting sick which will lead to spoiling your trip. Umbrellas and rain coats should be your best friends this season.


2). Right footwear:


Right footwear
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Wear the right pair of shoes while travelling this season. Save your feet from getting infected. Avoid wearing shoes that take a lot of time to dry. Rubber slippers, sandals and gumboots are the kinds of footwear you should prefer to put on.


3). Plastic bags:


Plastic bags
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Plastic bags are your savior. They will save your expensive and non-waterproof stuff from the torrential rains. Your wallet, expensive camera, mobile phone, should be carried in zip-lock bags when you are on your trip.


4). Mosquito repellents :


Mosquito repellants
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With the amazing rain comes the mosquito.  Carry mosquito repellents like creams, lotions or better a net to avoid Mosquito-borne diseases.


5). Medication:


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Always carry first aid box with you to deal with emergencies. Cold and fever are very common in this season. Never travel without medicines as it can increase the chances of getting seriously ill.


6). Light clothes:


Light clothes
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Choosing the perfect color and fabric should be your mantra while packing for your trip. Avoid light colored and see through clothes, prefer clothes that are dark in shade and have comfortable fabric that dries up faster like nylon or cotton. Wear the clothes in which you’re more comfortable to travel for long hours in any circumstances rather than wearing the ones you will have to change within couple of hours.


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