Spiti Valley: Let’s Visit The Road Less Taken!


The journey to Spiti Valley will take you to the roads less travelled! It is “The Middle Land” between India and Tibet. From large fields of snow to vast fields of barley, from lush green valley to the cold desert with different shades of brown, it has the most breathtaking view that you would ever see.  Spiti is one of the most beautiful places across the globe. The place is fantastic; it transports you into a different world altogether. Far from the crowds, it has got the best that nature has to offer. Visit this valley and lose yourself in the most astonishing valley of the Himalayas, exploring the beautiful moon landscapes, blue lakes, golden snow peaks and the most remote villages of India.


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Places to visit:

1. Kunzum Pass


Kunzum Pass
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Kunzum Pass is a gateway to Spiti from Kullu and Lahaul and a stretch borrowed from another world. The landscape, valley and the view that one witnesses here is unmatched and unseen. You can get a spectacular scenic view of the Bara-Sigri Glacier, which is the second largest glacier in the world. If you want to experience the best of Spiti, a drive through this pass is a must.


2. Monasteries


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Key Monastery is one of the biggest and oldest Monasteries in Spiti. It is also counted amongst the most famous tourist destination in this region. It preserves idols of Buddha in Dhyana position and also has some ancient books and murals. There are several other monasteries you can give a visit to, like the Kardang Monastery, Tayul Monastery, Tangyud Monastery, Kungri Monastery and many to count.




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Kibber is at an altitude of 4205 meters above sea level and is one of the highest villages in the world.  You can spend a day at the rest house here, with the mountains watching over. The sceneries and landscapes around you, as well as the altitude, will keep you mesmerized.


4. Chandratal Lake


Chandratal lake
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Chandratal means Moon Lake; this lake got its name from the crescent shape it has. It is Located at a distance of approximately eight km from Kunzum Pass; the lake mostly attracts photographers and people who seek adventure. You will love the mesmerizing view of the crystal blue lake in the middle of grassland, surrounded by mountains and valleys.


5. Dhankar Lake


Dhankar Lake
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This lake is at a distance of 5 km from the Dhankar monastery which is situated on a cliff. Dhankar Lake lies on the other side of the mountain. It takes about an hour to reach the lake from the monastery.


6.Pin Valley National Park


Pin Valley National Park
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This national park is habitat to the rare species of the Himalayas like the snow leopards and the Ibex. Visit this national park and witness species as well as sceneries. With the picture-perfect backdrop of snow covered mountain ranges, a trek to Pin Valley National Park is a delight for all its visitors.


7. Trilokinath Temple


Trilokinath Temple
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Trilokinath Temple has religious significance amongst Tibetan Buddhists as well as the Hindus. The temple is on a cliff at the end of a street in the Tunde village. You should visit this temple in August when the Pauri festival is celebrated for three days which makes the visit more exciting.


8. Spiti River


Spiti River
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A full moon at the Shore of Spiti River will make your night and tease you with mountain shadows and water reflections. If you stare at the sky, you’ll see a dozen shooting stars.



1. Yak Safaris


YAK safari
Picture Courtesy: spitiholidayadventure

Yak and Horse Safaris are the perfect and one of the most famous and loved ways to explore this region.


2. Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh
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Spiti is the most favorable for Mountain Biking and tops the list of any Mountain Biker. You can ride on some of the highest roads and through dessert like and dreamy landscapes. The best time for such an experience is during the months of June to September.


3. Trek


Picture Courtesy: Adventure Travel Zanskar
Spiti is heaven for trekkers as it offers trek through some of the most unseen, dream-like majestic view.


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