Roller coaster hits 120 km/h in Ferrari world, Abu Dhabi. Do you know how it feels ?

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates, and this city has large gardens and parks, green boulevards that line all the streets and roads, sophisticated high-rise buildings, international luxury hotel chains and lavishing shopping malls.

This city is famous for its cultural highlights as well as for its great white beaches. Not only this, it is home to world’s largest roller coaster ride.

Picture courtesy: expatbloke
Picture courtesy: expatbloke


The Flying Aces coaster is in the Ferrari world which is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies. Ferrari world has it all from water sports to land sports, from water parks to theme parks. Above everything, it has the fastest roller coaster in the world named as the flying aces. This coaster will give you an extraordinary thrilling experience that’s for sure.


Pic courtesy: whatson


Flying Aces provides a 135-second thrill ride approximately at the speed of 120 km/h throughout the 1.5 km track.

Intamin, the company well known for making thrill rides and roller coaster has designed this roller coaster. State-of-the-art technology has been used to create the world’s tallest loop at 52 m and the steepest and fastest cable lift incline at 51 degrees.


Intamin Flying Aces Wing Coaster Ferrari World Abu Dhabi turn1
Pic courtesy: blooloop


A ticket to Ferrari world costs you AED 360 which is 6610 rupees in India. You will enter through an aero plane base-like setting followed by zigzag rocky terrain that makes you feel like you are walking through a forest. You will be explained the safety instructions through a video that’s played as soon as you get ready to board the Flying Aces. Flying Aces has 8 cars per train. Riders are organized as four across in a single row which makes a total of 32 riders per train. Your inner child will spark to life once you climb into your seat. This rollercoaster ride is sick, twisted and addictive, all at the same time.

Once you are on the ride, you are going to experience a lot of unexpected turns and twists.


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If you are going to UAE and you are someone who wants to experience the unexpected and you love heights and want to fly high in the sky, you need to visit this place. This ride will make you feel most alive and almost dead at the same time.


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