Learn the Travel Tips and Mantra before you start Packing for your Next trip

Packing your bag before going on an unplanned trip is a task in hurry. Every time you reach the destination, you remember you have forgotten something really important.
To make it easier for you, we bring to you, a list of things you need to keep in mind before going on a vacation.


1) Luggage Bag:


luggage bags
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Always choose the right bag you need to carry. Pick a bag that’s versatile, can fit lots of gear, and is light weighted, big enough to hold all your essentials and the one which is easy to carry.


2) Essentials to pack:


i) Identity Cards:


identity cards
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Don’t forget to take your important documents along. You should at least carry 2-3 identity cards when you are travelling. Carry your passport, driving license, Adhar card, pan card or travel insurance. Also, carry few passport photos too, who knows when you might need them.



ii)  Money and Cards:
money and cards
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Always carry cash when you are travelling. Do not wait to find ATM. But Take your Debit or credit card along with you. Keep some extra cash just in case of emergency. Keep the money and cards separate so you’re not in trouble when you get pick pocketed by the local rapscallion.



iii) First Aid:


first aid
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A first aid box is an essential. Don’t forget to carry a pair of scissors, a bottle of iodine, distilled water for cleaning wounds, plasters, sterile gauze, antiseptic cream and some painkillers in your box.


iv)  Pack smart:


pack smart
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Carry the right clothes and pair of shoes; choose them according to the place and the weather. Also, pack just enough not more or less, maybe an extra pair but not more than that.


v) Camera:


camera with man
Picture courtesy: Previews.123rf.com

Let your camera be your best friend on your getaways. It’s a must to let your moments be captured for life. Also, take a zip lock or plastic bag along to keep your camera safe from uncertain weather.


3) Mantra:


mantra 1
Picture courtesy: the Plaid Zebra
Invest in experience, Rather than things. Don’t focus on luxury, focus on memories. Try to spend less and see more of the place you are going to.



mantra 2
Picture courtesy: Blogspot
The best experiences are never planned: If you want a getaway from your regular life and wish to escape the monotony just pack your bag and leave.



mantra 3
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If it scares you, do it. Don’t do things you have already done, try things beyond you. Try new things, explore and be adventurous in your own way.


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