Five places to visit on Christmas

For those of you wanderlust filled people, if you are considering getting out and about during the Christmas holidays, then here’s a curated list of five places that might give you a unique experience of Christmas.

1. Finland :

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I love Santa! You love Santa! We all love Santa! Would it not be great if you could visit the place they called Santa’s Village? The name itself has a gleeful coziness and all its Christmas delight within it. With snow and a Santa home, the full flavor of the festival can be achieved. So find yourself a reindeer and head on to Finland.


2. USA :

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New York in particular has a concoction of lights and decorations through the big city that would keep making you wanting to turn your heads round in order to gulp in all the gorgeousness. If you have watched enough Hollywood romcoms, then you might have an idea of the charm New York holds on Christmas, so feasting yourself at the Big Apple should not be a problem!


3. Japan :

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How does a country whose religion is not about Christmas, celebrate Christmas? With absolute grandeur!  Japan with its snow fall and winter decorations for the New Year and Christmas looks like a fairytale in December. Their favorite fried chicken and cranberry cake does rounds during the time and the atmosphere is electric eith the celebratory vibe.


4. Italy :

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A midnight mass at Vatican is the biggest crowd puller during the festival. And for Christmas, a religion heavy Italy is big on its celebrations. To get on to the authentic Christmas celebrations, head on to St Peter’s Square, Piazza Navona, and in the church of Santa Maria in Aracoeli on the Capitoline Hill which provide a beautiful experience.


5. Germany :

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Christmas in as much about shopping as it is about the decorations, and splendid shopping experience can be found in  the magical Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Market), in Nuremberg’s Hauptmarkt. It has about 180 stalls that are buzzing with chirpy and happy vibes that you buy for yourself. The after dark hours specially create an unforgettable time.



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