Five places to visit on Christmas

christmas is a really big deal-in japan backpack vacations
December 2, 2016

For those of you wanderlust filled people, if you are considering getting out and about during the Christmas holidays, then here’s a curated list of five places that might give you a unique experience of Christmas. 1. Finland : I love Santa! You love Santa! We all love Santa! Would it not be great if you could visit the place they called Santa’s Village? The name itself has a gleeful…


5 Must HaveTravel Clicks!

December 2, 2016

What does one look for when one goes for a trip? We seek adventure, experience and an escape! But this gets even better when captured in a picture. That perfect click has the power to take you back to that mesmerising view, that moment when everything seemed perfect.But the world that has gone berserk over the idea of selfies, (Yea darling, you look awesome), we seem to be losing the…


Most Picturesque places in the world

December 2, 2016

Picture with the Eiffel Tower or with the leaning tower of Pisa. Is that all you have on your list? Well then you are missing a lot. Look at our list of the most picturesque places in the world that you must visit.   1.Rainbow mountains of Zhangye Danxia, China: Yes you read right. China has got a range of mountains that are blessed with the heavenly rainbow colours. This…


5 Festivals Around the World You Must be a Part of!

Chinese New Year Promoting Event In Kobe
December 1, 2016

Planning another ‘getaway’? Spain, Mexico? What is on your list? What all do you really think when you plan a trip? Visiting famous places? Eating the famous dishes? What else? If you are thinking to go on a regular tourist jaunt, then it’s time you think beyond the usual. Has it ever crossed your mind to plan a trip keeping in mind what festival you might get to be a…


What are the Best Places to Visit in India during Autumn Season

Munnar and Marayoor, Kerala
July 30, 2016

  What are the Best Places to Visit in India during Autumn Season Are you getting frustrated sitting back at home or you’re too lazy to go to the office? Why don’t you plan for a trip? Pick a place now if you want to go on a trip in autumn. We have a list of places you can choose to go:     1. Munnar and Marayoor, Kerala:  …


Travelling to Leh Ladakh? We have a List of things you should do in Leh Ladakh.

Adventure Sports
July 29, 2016

  Leh and Ladakh are paradises on earth; they have everything you need to refresh your senses from the mesmerizing scenic beauty to the majestic snow laden Himalayan range and from the lush green landscape to sparkling blue waters and deep gorges. If you are planning to give a visit to this paradise, we have a list of what you should do: Places to visit:     1. Festivals:  …


6 Best Asian Countries to Travel

July 27, 2016

Travelling abroad for the first time can be both exciting and intimidating. You need to be willing to adapt or at least manage to deal with their Customs, cuisines, culture, and languages. From the busy alleys of Hong Kong to relaxing ancient temples in Myanmar, Asia is a place where adventure is at every corner. Get stated with your adventure in Asia with this line-up of the best countries to…


Finest Roads to go for a Drive in India

Manali to leh
July 26, 2016

Do you love to travel? Are road trips your favorite kind? Driving your vehicle on vast endless roads is what you want in life? Here is a list of roads you got to travel in India:     1. Manali to Leh Highway:   The road trips taken in Indian Himalayas are known for their fascinating and godlike landscapes. It is said to be of the highest and toughest roads…


Spiti Valley: Let’s Visit The Road Less Taken!

Mountain Biking in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh
July 24, 2016

  The journey to Spiti Valley will take you to the roads less travelled! It is “The Middle Land” between India and Tibet. From large fields of snow to vast fields of barley, from lush green valley to the cold desert with different shades of brown, it has the most breathtaking view that you would ever see.  Spiti is one of the most beautiful places across the globe. The place…


Beat the Freeze with Best Igloo Hotels in Europe

July 21, 2016

  Have you ever wondered how sleeping in an igloo would be? The Igloo hotels are magnificent structures that are created completely from ice and snow which is an outstanding art, in the form of snow sculptures as well as ice carvings. The rooms are undoubtedly chilly, yet they have creative amenities like ice-molded cocktail glasses and dinnerware and reindeer rides which you cannot miss for the world. Following is…


6 wonder waterfalls in India you might not have heard about

July 19, 2016

Waterfalls are always a treat to eyes, the pure water, the clear sky and cold breeze, the edgy rocks and of course, the greenery all around makes you want to visit them over and over again. In India, there are 1000’s of waterfalls that are amazing yet we bring to you six waterfalls that are a must visit:   1). Athirappilly Waterfall:   India’s very own Niagara, this waterfall is…


Things you should carry to travel in monsoon.

Rain gears
July 15, 2016

I believe the world is a better place when it’s raining; the grass is greener; the wind is cooler, and travelling is, even more, stirring. If you are someone who travels more likely when it rains heavily, then we have got a perfect list of essentials for you:   1). Rain gears:   If it isn’t raining that doesn’t mean it won’t! Always carry rain gears to be on the…


Be friends to the best of sunrises

July 14, 2016

Have you ever had a relish feeling while watching the sun gain strength as it climbs the clear sky? Do you remember the last time when the golden sunlight touched your skin making you feel magical? We bring to you eleven magical sunrises to witness this feeling:   1). Tiger Hill:   On a clear weather day, there can’t be anything more beautiful than tiger hill. Sky shows different colors…


Roller coaster hits 120 km/h in Ferrari world, Abu Dhabi. Do you know how it feels ?

July 12, 2016

Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates, and this city has large gardens and parks, green boulevards that line all the streets and roads, sophisticated high-rise buildings, international luxury hotel chains and lavishing shopping malls. This city is famous for its cultural highlights as well as for its great white beaches. Not only this, it is home to world’s largest roller coaster ride.   The Flying Aces coaster…