Beat the Freeze with Best Igloo Hotels in Europe


Have you ever wondered how sleeping in an igloo would be? The Igloo hotels are magnificent structures that are created completely from ice and snow which is an outstanding art, in the form of snow sculptures as well as ice carvings. The rooms are undoubtedly chilly, yet they have creative amenities like ice-molded cocktail glasses and dinnerware and reindeer rides which you cannot miss for the world. Following is the list of Igloo Hotels; you might want to check into for an unforgettable and new experience. 


1). Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos, Finland:


arctic snow hotel
Picture Courtesy: Arctic Snow Hotel

It is situated just outside the village of Sinettä, it is about 26 km north of Rovaniemi, the Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos treat their guests with the unique, lavish nature, artful rooms decorated with snow and ice, traditional Arctic cuisine is served in icy surroundings, and it also has a fantastic snow sauna. Beside the Snow Hotel, on the shores of Lehtojärvi Lake, this hotel allows the visitors to see the Northern Lights which is also known as the Aurora borealis from the comfort of their motorized beds.


2). Village Igloo Blacksheep, France:


2.Village Igloo Blacksheep, France:
Picture Courtesy: wpengine

This village rests 2118m above sea level.  Village Igloo Blacksheep offers fascinating igloo room accompanied by the heavenly views of Mont Blanc. They serve you with delicious Savoyard meals. From romantic retreats to large igloos, which can accommodate at least five guests, their frozen units come with a complete package of winter sleeping bags and faux fur blankets to ensure your comfort.




Picture Courtesy: Santa Television

This snow village is located in Kittilä, Finland. You can make a grand entrance on a snowmobile to this wonderland, which is completed with rounded snow tunnels glowing with colourful lights and garnished with intricate ice carvings. For a frost-free night’s sleep, Snow Village has got log cabins, including a 3-floor log “castle” less than 2 miles away from the ice village. Exciting activities are conducted which includes embarking on a husky-drawn ride, a moonlight reindeer safari where you can also harness and steer your reindeer, taking part in a traditional Lappish ceremony, or firing up your adrenaline with Ice Karting, i.e., go-carts on the ice. For the ultimate winter holiday, rent the Gondola Sauna and relax, where up to four people can enjoy for almost two hours in the warm sauna lift.


4). Golden Crown Levi Igloos, Finland :


Golden Crown Levi Igloos, Finland
Picture Courtesy: Tumblr

Situated nearly 10 km away from Finland’s biggest ski resort, Golden Crown Levi Igloos will make you feel that you are miles away from civilization, offering you the rare chance to experience the stunning Arctic environment and all its magical beauty. Accommodations are provided in 12 well-appointed igloos that are glass-roofed, from where you can watch and admire the spectacular Aurora Borealis.




Picture Courtesy: Bstatic

At the Kirkenes Snow hotel, there are snowsuits provided, decorations and sculptures are made from ice and snow. Snow Hotel’s overnight guests are acknowledged with a drink made of local berries and then enjoy a three-course dinner which is locally-sourced. Afterwards, they can wander the snowy lodge and pet the resident reindeer and friendly huskies. There are a couple of  Adventurous things that are offered by the hotel including arctic king crab fishing tour, a northern lights tour on a husky ride, or a cross-country skiing tour.


6). ESKIMSKA VAS, Slovenia :


Picture Courtesy: Eskimska

This Slovenian Eskimo Village is the perfect place for the wintry adventure you are looking forward to. Reach this village by a cable car; ride up the mountain which is then followed by a snowshoe trek. After all this, reward yourself by having the house drink at the igloo bar or get a taste of the traditional Slovenian sausage at the Igloo restaurant. After resting for a while, get ready to go out in the snow to do things like downhill snow biking, snow tubing, and sledging. After a long snow-filled day, you can head to your igloo, outfitted with snow-block beds covered in warm sheepskin.


7). Igloo Village in Kühtai, Austria :


Igloo Village in Kühtai, Austria
Picture Courtesy: Class Touriste

On Austria’s highest ski resort, it is about 45 minutes drive from Innsbruck; Kühtai Igloo Village treasures 12 cozy igloo suites as well as two larger Igloos that are designed especially for dining and entertainment.There are two types of rooms, you can opt for a romantic night in a unit that is built for two or choose a larger room that is for four to six people, every igloo offers thermal sleeping bags and insulated mattresses which are covered with comfortable sheepskin rugs. Some talented snow artists beautifully designed these igloos, and range on-site activities are also offered here from husky sledging and igloo building workshops to fantastic skiing to snowboarding.



So if you have not been in an Igloo hotel, it’s time for you to try now.


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