Why Travel


Why travel?

To travel is to live. Travelling has not one, but many benefits.

  • When you travel, you see. When you see, you learn.
  • Travel isn’t bound by any barriers of gender, cast, creed, age or color.
  • Travel is the best medicine for a healthy mind.
  • Not just mentally relaxed, it gives you physical kick too.
  • You get to see new places, in HD with your eyes.’
  • Spend time with people you want to hang out with but don’t get time enough.
  • You get to meet new people, learn about new cultures, it’s amazing.
  • Travel with friends, family or solo, its fun any which way.
  • It gives you perspective, makes you broaden your horizons.
  • It’s a free world and all you need is a passport.
  • You’ll never get to know how it feels watching it on TV.
  • Life isn’t too short, this world is too big. Why waste time?
  • With this busy professional life, one does need a break.
  • Lying on a lovely beach, office deadlines just can’t reach you.
  • Toiling for hours to watch the Himalayas in all their might, there isn’t much as fulfilling.
  • For half of us: New places, new markets. You get to shop!
  • The earth is moving, why should you stay stationary?
  • We all have our homes. But to embrace earth, it’s a much, much bigger home