Who are Backpackers


Backpacking literally refers to one of the oldest and simplest styling of travelling where a person carries all his gear and belongings on his back. True to their purpose backpackers are people who intend to travel and experience earth in the original form. The history of backpacking dates back to some 500 years ago when a certain Mr. Gemelli Careri backpacked his way across the world on trade ships and in hippie caravans. Though with such old roots, backpacking has come into prominence in the last few decades with generations now preferring to travel as simple and close to nature as possible.

Traditionally, backpacking involves taking along minimum baggage and carrying it all by your self. It involves denouncing the norms and itineraries, and improvising your travels on the way. It involves being not just free in time and spirit but free in mind and soul. It involves getting above earthly desires and embracing the earth as the ultimate desire itself.

In short, it isn’t just a way of travelling; it is endorsing the magnificence of nature. At Backpack Vacations we look up to each traveler and welcome those endorsers of Earth to share their stories and engage with fellow Backpackers.