About Backpack Vacations

What is Backpack Vacations?

It is said that travelling is food for the soul. With the sole purpose of celebrating and spreading the essence of travel in its oldest form, ‘Backpack Vacations’ is a community of backpackers and travelers sharing their stories with one another, keeping fresh the spirit of wanderlust.

Our Earth is an eternally and immensely beautiful planet and a single lifetime isn’t enough for a person to experience the vast and majestic splendor that it is. With awe-inspiring natural structures that our thousands of years old to modern marvels that we couldn’t even think about a few centuries ago, the world is but a concoction of magnificence in infinity. Owing to this fact and satisfying the human urge to experience the planet, we intend to gather as many tales about wanders and travels of the free spirit as possible with a sole and single motive to create a platform that celebrates and shares the essence of travelling.

The idea behind Backpack Vacations

B V is a travel community with the purpose of being a platform to share travel stories. Backpack came into existence when its travel lover founders felt the need to share their experiences. The world is full of travelers but for one to share his or her tales, it requires a platform (read blog) in order to reach out. Not all travelers are full time bloggers. But even then, those who aren’t do sometimes feeling expressing themselves and sharing their experiences with fellow travel enthusiasts. BV is aimed at being a solution to that urge and is a community that is open all those who have in them a love for travel and the planet in its entirety.