6 Best Asian Countries to Travel

Travelling abroad for the first time can be both exciting and intimidating. You need to be willing to adapt or at least manage to deal with their Customs, cuisines, culture, and languages.

From the busy alleys of Hong Kong to relaxing ancient temples in Myanmar, Asia is a place where adventure is at every corner. Get stated with your adventure in Asia with this line-up of the best countries to explore the first timers.


1. India :


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India is a diverse country having Kashmir as the coldest place, the Thar Desert as the driest place, Cherrapunji considered as the place with highest Rainfall in the world, beautiful beaches in different regions of the country, and not to forget, the Snow capped Himalayan Ranges.

Mix all these Geographies with different traditions and the languages to understand why India is considered as one of the best places to visit in Asia.



2. Hong Kong :


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A stare-worthy contemporary skyline and breathtaking urban attractions are the top reasons to visit Hong Kong on your first trip to abroad. Hong Kong’s a fabulous city for a courageous eater. Stop at a street merchant for fish balls on a stick or stinky tofu. Bakeries offer wife cake, pineapple buns, and egg tarts. Or go for as much dim sum as you can eat.


3. Macau :


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Previously governed by the Portuguese, this high-energy centre on the South China Sea is very popular as a gaming destination and has also started tempting visitors with an accumulating array of shows, recreation, and nightlife. Very compact and simple to get around, Macau extends a well-preserved legacy and amenities of a modern city. It’s a great place to get acquainted while travelling abroad for the very first time.



4. Thailand :


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Growing in a place gradually affected by Western culture, the fascinating glamour of Thailand is irresistible on the first trip to abroad. With so many places provisioned to budget travellers, it’s easy to travel cheaply around enthralling destinations in the country while relishing the ecstasy that is Thai food.



5. Malaysia:


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Malaysia has its roots in the Malay kingdoms present in the city, from the 18th century, grew subject to the British Empire. Prevailing between Singapore and Thailand, Malaysia is a great choice if you plan on attending adventure-filled places .Malaysian Borneo highlights some of the fascinating places in Malaysia with a wild jungle, orang-utans, granite peaks and isolated tribes. Mixed with some peaceful islands, luxury resorts and colonials towns, Malaysia, for most visitors, offers a happy mix.



6. Philippines:


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If you’re intending to skip the Philippines completely, then you’re refraining out on a lot! The country has few of the excellent beaches in Asia and a lot of aesthetic rendezvous to offer. The best thing about traveling in the Philippines is how simple it is to have interactions with locals. Getting around isn’t much of an obstacle since most Filipinos can understand English and are commonly friendly. Bursting the language restriction makes travel more enjoyable in the Philippines.


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