5 Must HaveTravel Clicks!

What does one look for when one goes for a trip? We seek adventure, experience and an escape! But this gets even better when captured in a picture. That perfect click has the power to take you back to that mesmerising view, that moment when everything seemed perfect.But the world that has gone berserk over the idea of selfies, (Yea darling, you look awesome), we seem to be losing the essence of travel photography. Travel photography is more than a red pout, well of course it’s a part of it, but that’s not what one must stick to. And then there are a few who click pictures of the surroundings that resemble more to a picture postcard! Even if they manage to thrust themselves into the frame they all seem to be having the same robotic expression and the same poses. Break free fellow Homo sapiens, make travelling fun, get your crazyout and make sure you have these must have clicks in your travelogue.


1. ‘The Nature’ Click :

Dare not click another picture of the mountain. Yes the nature love is okay, but how many similar kinds of mountain or river clicks are you intending to have? They’ll all appear the same after a while. So get that perfect scene and thrust yourself into the picture, go for a natural pose, admire the beauty, make it seem like you are loving it there. Make the person who is clicking zoom in on you. Go for a crazy pose. Just keep it on the go.


Picture Courtesy: http://www.andrewstuder.com/People-in-Nature/


2. ‘The Famous’ Click :

Well we all have had the clichéd pose with the Taj Mahal, with a finger on its tip. You pick anyone’s album and you’ll find a similar picture. It’s like you are looking at the monument in the light that the world defines it and have nothing much of an experience of your own. Remember Murad Osman’s “lead me” clicks? Well it’s time you start your own trend, go for unusual clicks with the famous monuments, find something that has been ruined or dismantled and pretend you’ve done it.


Picture Courtesy: http://dimplify.com/post/12488


3. ‘I am the Locale’ Click :

When discovering a city or a country, its better you stop behaving like a guest and step into the shoes of a locale and discover things their way. Not just the famous places but see the things that a locale would do and get a natural click there. Ride a cycle, walk the streets, buy basic things and click, click!


Picture Courtesy: https://www.pexels.com/photo/people-crowd-walking-9816/


4. ‘We had this’ Click :

The best part of travelling and discovering a city is the local food. One gets to eat such delicacies that can never match the taste of the top restaurants. So don’t just have clicks of the food, but also the clicks of your experience with the food, where you had it and who served it.


Young people eating in Thai restaurant
Picture Courtesy: http://www.msgdish.com/savor-the-flavor/

5. ‘Been there done that’ Click :

 Alrighto! From skydiving, paragliding to bungee jumping, get clicks of what you felt when you were about to go for it and how you felt after it, as these are equally important to grab other than the event itself. Visit any local celebration and get clicked there. Get the list of things that are best to do in that city or country and pose like this was a must do.


Picture Courtesy: http://www.balmers.com/activity/sky-diving/

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