5 Festivals Around the World You Must be a Part of!

Planning another ‘getaway’? Spain, Mexico? What is on your list? What all do you really think when you plan a trip? Visiting famous places? Eating the famous dishes? What else? If you are thinking to go on a regular tourist jaunt, then it’s time you think beyond the usual. Has it ever crossed your mind to plan a trip keeping in mind what festival you might get to be a part of, if you visit that city or country? Of course, you are going to see the famous places, it’s going to be a good part of it but to really experience a culture you need to get into the streets and be a part of the crowd. Read our list of 10 festivals you must be a part of before you plan your next trip.

1.Mexico- Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta :

Hot Air Balloon? Does it ring a bell? Are you taken back to the song where Amisha Patel and Hrithik Roshan were romancing in the hot air balloon? Did you just picture yourself doing the same? You did? You really need a memory cleanser. Jokes apart, we just wanted to check if riding on a Hot Air Balloon was on your list? For all of you who really wanted to do this? Mexico should be your next stop as it is home to the largest hot air balloon festival called Albuquerque International Balloon Festival. This festival takes place every October and goes on for nine days, with over 750 hot air balloons. And when these balloons are let off in the air, they seem to cover the entire sky with the vibrant colours, making it the most amazing view in the world.


ballooning events
Picture Courtesy: http://www.newmexico.org/ballooning-events


2.China- Chinese New Year :

The Chinese New Year celebration stretches from the last day of the last month in the Chinese calendar to 15th day of the first month, the day when they celebrate the Lantern Festival. These 15 days usually fall between 21st January to 20th February and are the most auspicious days for the Chinese. The mark of red throughout the cities, the lanterns, dragons and fireworks makes the country warm and inviting. It is the time when the Chinese believe that one must give way to the new beginnings and must rejuvenate, what else can you ask in the name of relaxation?


Chinese New Year Promoting Event In Kobe
Picture Courtesy: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/chinese-new-year-celebrations-around-globe-ring-year-goat/


3.Venice- Carnival of Venice (Italy) :

Ever dreamed of dressing in fancy gowns, wearing masks and attending balls? Well if you have grown up reading Jane Austen novels and drool over the ball scenes, The Carnival of Venice gives you fare chance to experience everything for real. The carnival is a pre-lent festival, which means ‘farewell to meat’ and is celebrated two weeks before Ash Wednesday. It is the most elaborated festival that includes masks and gowns, jugglers, bands and entertainers all around. So mark the dates on your calendar and hunt for the best mask in town.


Picture Courtesy:


4.Taiwan- Pingxi Lantern Festival:

Are you trapped in a tower? Do you have the same wish as Rapunzel from tangled, “To see the floating lanterns?” Then Taiwan definitely has to be your next get away. Apart from the dramatic mountain terrains and traditional Chinese temples, Taiwan attracts tourist for the Pingxi Lantern Festival. During this festival thousands of lanterns are floated in the sky to signify that evil and diseases are warded off from the town. These lanterns are decorated with wishes and images that are connected to the one who is floating the candle and are finally released off into the sky making it look mesmerizingly beautiful.


Pingxi Lantern Festival Taiwan
Picture Courtesy: http://m.mobsea.net/World-Carnival/Pingxi-Lantern-Festival-Taiwan



5.Germany-Oktoberfest (Munich) :

Beer Beer all around and lots of beer to drink! This is exactly what you are going to sing in your drunken state at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. This festivals lasts for around 16 days and takes place from mid or late September to the first weekend in October. It attracts more than 6 million people from around the world which makes it the world’s largest beer festival. So apart from the century old houses, castles and the green, be a part of a festival that is one hell of an experience.

oktoberfest in munich germany
Picture Courtesy: http://www.livingcharm.com/oktoberfest-in-munich-germany/




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